Kinship Recognition


Image-based kinship recognition is an important problem in the reconstruction and analysis of social networks.
Prior studies on image-based kinship recognition have focused solely on pairwise kinship verification, i.e. on the question of
whether or not two people are kin. Such approaches fail to exploit the fact that many real-world photographs contain several
family members; for instance, the probability of two people being brothers increases when both people are recognized to
have the same father. In this work, we propose a graph-based approach that incorporates facial similarities between all family members in a photograph in order to improve the performance of kinship recognition. In addition, we introduce a database of group photographs with kinship annotations.

The method is described in the following paper:

  • Y. Guo, H. Dibeklioglu, and L. van der Maaten. Graph-based kinship recognition. International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR), pp. 4287-4292, 2014.

Data & Details

To obtain the data please contact Yuanhao Guo.
For more information, please contact Yuanhao Guo, Hamdi Dibeklioglu, or Laurens van der Maaten.