Painting Analysis (INSIDDE)


The goal of the INSIDDE project is to develop a new solution for imaging of paintings and other artworks by means of terahertz technology in a unique approach. A versatile, easy to configure and affordable prototype – working in different frequency bands within the THz region – will provide a complete set of images of the paintings and sealed objects, revealing complementary information about its hidden features – such as underlying contents, pigment/substance identification, brushstroke texture, defects – through various processing techniques. The role of our researchers in this project is to develop techniques for the automatic analysis of terahertz imaging, for instance, to segment individual brushstrokes based on the images, to automatically determine the thickness of paint layers, and to automatically extract underpaintings.

In the context of this project, we are also collaborating with Robert Erdmann (University of Arizona) on the automatic extraction of canvas thread spacings and with Joris Dik (Delft University of Technology) on the automatic analysis of XRF images.

For more information on this project, please contact Laurens van der Maaten.

Wouter Kouw
Hamdi Dibeklioglu
Laurens van der Maaten