Social situation-aware perception and action for cognitive robots (SPENCER)

Motivated by the increasing number of robots that share a space with people, SPENCER will break new ground for cognitive systems in populated environments. While previous research lacks robust capabilities for perception, modeling of and planning with human social behavior in real-time and from mobile platforms, SPENCER will systematically address these fundamental issues. We will advance the fields of perception of people and groups of people in sensory data, normative human behavior learning and modeling, socially-aware mapping, and socially-aware task, motion and interaction planning under real-world conditions. In particular, by addressing these problems simultaneously and in a multidisciplinary team, we will exploit synergies that ultimately lead to human-frienly, safer, more efficient, and robust cognitive systems.

Our researchers are responsible for devising models to estimate the hierarchical social relations in groups of people so that appropriate spokespersons within a group can be automatically identified.

Further details about the project can be found here. For more details, please contact Hayley Hung.

Hayley Hung
Marieke van Rooij

Situation sketch