Boudewijn Lelieveldt's picture
Boudewijn Lelieveldt
Hayley Hung's picture
Hayley Hung
Assistant Professor
Jan van Gemert's picture
Jan van Gemert
Assistant professor
Expertise: Computer Vision
Laurens van der Maaten's picture
Laurens v.d. Maaten
Assistant Professor
Marcel Reinders's picture
Marcel Reinders
Professor, Head of the Pattern Recognition & Bioinformatics Group
Marco Loog's picture
Marco Loog
Assistant professor, lab coordinator

Senior research staff

Hamdi Dibeklioglu's picture
Hamdi Dibeklioglu
Research Affiliate
Expertise: Affective Computing, Computer Vision, Human Behavior Analysis
Seyran Khademi's picture
Seyran Khademi
Postdoc Researcher
Expertise: Signal and Video Processing
Silvia Pintea's picture
Silvia Pintea
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Expertise: Computer Vision
Yanxia Zhang's picture
Yanxia Zhang

Junior research staff

Amogh Gudi's picture
Amogh Gudi
Machine Vision Engineer at VicarVision + PhD Candidate at Vision Lab
Expertise: Deep Neural Networks for Computer Vision and Machine Learning
Ekin Gedik's picture
Ekin Gedik
PhD Student
John Beuving's picture
John Beuving
Laura Cabrera Quiros's picture
Laura Cabrera Quiros
PhD Student
Osman Semih Kayhan's picture
Osman Semih Kayhan
PhD Student
Taygun Kekec's picture
Taygun Kekec
PhD Student
Wenjie Pei's picture
Wenjie Pei
PhD Student

Support staff

Bart Vastenhouw's picture
Bart Vastenhouw
Robbert Eggermont's picture
Robbert Eggermont
System administrator, research and teaching support
Ruud de Jong's picture
Ruud de Jong
Saskia Peters's picture
Saskia Peters


Gorkem Saygili's picture
Gorkem Saygili
Expertise: 3D Computer Vision

MSc students

Bas Breider's picture
Bas Breider
Chengqiu Zhang's picture
Chengqiu Zhang
Jacco Zwanepol's picture
Jacco Zwanepol
Jihong Ju's picture
Jihong Ju
Master students
Shashank Rao's picture
Shashank Rao
Expertise: Machine Learning, Deep Learning
Sten Goes's picture
Sten Goes
Wouter Uijens's picture
Wouter Uijens
Xilin Li's picture
Xilin Li
Yue Liu's picture
Yue Liu