Computer Vision Lab

In the Computer Vision Lab (part of the Pattern Recognition & Bioinformatics Group), we develop new techniques for the automatic analysis of images and videos. We apply these techniques to monitor and understand human behavior, to analyze paintings and other artworks, and to analyze medical images.

We focus on machine-learning based approaches to computer vision. We are particularly interested in approaches that learn from big data and that model spatio-temporal relations. We use our approaches to solve key computer vision problems such as object detection, object recognition, and object tracking. We apply our approaches in a variety of domains, including social psychology, consumer science, technical art history, and health. In our research projects, we collaborate with partners throughout the Netherlands and Europe. For more information on our research, please refer to our research highlights.

We provide various courses on computer vision and image processing at both the undergraduate and the graduate level. Specifically, we teach courses on Image Processing (B.Sc. level), Advanced Digital Image Processing (M.Sc. level), and Computer Vision (M.Sc. level). In addition, we supervise students at all levels in fundamental and applied research projects (many of which are performed in collaboration with Dutch companies).

We organize a biweekly colloquium series on computer vision and machine learning that is open to everyone who is interested. Please view our research highlights, and our calendar for upcoming events.